The Plastic challenge

Annual production of plastic has passed 300 million tonnes per year, and will reach 1,100 million tonnes per year by 2050 in a business-as-usual scenario according to McKinsey data. The majority of plastic waste currently goes to landfills and incineration. Only 16% of the plastic is recycled, while 19% of the plastic is lost through unmanaged dumps and leaks – often ending in the oceans. If nothing is done, McKinsey** estimates that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.


As a part of our waste management strategy, Green Ideas Group AB, have made collaborations with several leading international parties on the plastic 2-fuel market with the advanced and proven technology and solid references. together we aim to be an leading provider of plastic to fuel projects in Scandinavia in coming years.

Our ongoing operations

The most important steps in order to create success is to enter preliminary partnerships with municipals and/or governments and/or other parties for the upcoming launches, as well as organizing feedstock of plastic waste.

Currently, GIAB are working on 3 large scale projects in Scandinavia, being processed for final plans in 2020.