Press Releases

Milestones Green Ideas AS. Period June-October 2017

· Tooling has been tested and is ready for production for the first 5.000 units.

· 2 municipalities in Turkey – Istanbul to start pilot projects of sorting waste in households in January 2018.

· Pre-sales has started in Sweden and Norway also locking in distribution partners in selected market segments in both countries.

· Concrete plan for 3 new products to be developed and launched last quarter 2018 and 1st quarter 2019

· Green Ideas has been prequalified for the EU programme Horizon 2020. This is a proof of concept confirming that Green Ideas has a coherent and realistic operational strategy to penetrate new markets with its waste systems and concepts.

The company filed and application to Brussels of 2.5 M€ based on launching new products , distribution in 5 new EU countries and «end to end projects » from sorting waste to new energy(Pyrolysis). The funding if granted, will be available in a period of 4 years time.

· Partnership with EME Technologies/and Viking Consulting Group, on leading Pyrolysis technology, giving 100 % clean energy and no extra pollution (Nox/Co2) in the process

· Green Ideas Holding AB, establish from October/nov. 2017.

· New Chairman and investor Ulf Lindstén will enter the board in Green Ideas Holding AB. Ulf have huge experience from start ups and listed companies.

· IPO of Green Ideas Holding AB. Under establishment.

The company will be listed at the Nordic Growth Market (NMG) Stock Exchange, Stockholm from Q3 2018. For more information. See Investor Relations.

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