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Waste management has become an issue of growing global concern as urban populations continue to increase and consumption patterns change. Each person in the EU produces 475Kg of waste per year, 98% of them being treated by different methods: 28% is incinerated and 16% composted, but still 28% is landfilled.[1] Landfills are associated with many problems, including the need to use large areas of land, and the production of leachate, which has been shown to leak from landfills and pollute groundwater. Landfills are also known to produce a lot of methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas. On the other hand, incineration facilities are expensive to build, operate, and maintain and the smoke and ashes emitted by the chimneys contain acid gases, NOx, heavy metals, particulates, and dioxines. Waste to Energy (WTE) technologies are becoming more popular as the process generates energy, usually in the form of electricity or heat, from controlled thermal treatment of waste.

Europe is moving towards near-zero waste and one of the 2020 targets is to recycle 50% of municipal waste. The global MSW market will dramatically increase to € 300 billion in revenues by 2020, with Europe accounting for up to 22% of the total.[2] The European MSW management services market is driven by strict landfill regulations as well as policies and incentives for sustainable waste processes. However the degree of implementation of such legislation varies between different member states: Nordic countries have infrastructure and logistics implemented for over 20 years while other regions (Eastern and Southern countries) have taken almost no actions in this field yet (see Figure 1).

Green Ideas’ end-to-end waste management solution

At GIAS we have understood the current needs and opportunities in the MSW management market and have developed a unique end-to-end waste management ecosystem by merging key technology innovations with new business models centered in end-users’ needs .

[1] Each person in the EU generated 475 kg of municipal waste in 2014, Eurostat Press Release 56/2016, March 2016
[2] Global Municipal Solid Waste Management Services Market, Frost&Sullivan May 2014

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