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Green Ideas Group AB is a company specialising in developing, selling and marketing technical solutions for the environment, in addition to consultancy services linked to this. Our solutions shall cut down on resources, be environmental friendly and contribute to sustainable development.

Green Ideas Group has a strategy for developing new products and concepts that will be on the market in the not so distant future.

Enabling waste sorting at its source


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Green Ideas Grooup AB cares about the planet and cares about the people. We believe that if everyone makes a small contribution, it will make a big impact on the planet.

That is why our Sortér™, specially design for households, can make that small contribution that eventually will make the planet a better place to live.

Green Ideas Group AB (GIGAB) is a Norwegian company founded in 2010 specialised in developing, selling and marketing technical solutions for the environment, in addition to consulting services to this end.

With the Wastend project our goal is to provide European countries with an innovative end-to-end waste management ecosystem covering all the steps in the municipal solid waste (MSW) value chain.

Our unique patented sorting system (Sortér™) is designed to collect and sort organic, plastic and residual waste in households (to be transformed to soil) and take the remaining waste to be processed by a disruptive pyrolysis technology that requires no previous sorting and produces biofuel and energy.

The Wastend project will boost the 3 growth of Green Ideas Group AB as we plan to be active in six new EU countries (besides Scandinavia and Turkey)

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The concept of waste disposal starts at home. This is the first, and probably the most important step in the process. Sorting the waste in the correct way makes is fundamental for the success of the whole procedure. And to achieve this, we have developed the SortérTM recycling system for private households.


BatRecycle Smart Battery Disposal is a global product that will help all countries make more efficient use of batteries and at the same time ensure they go only for approved recycling rather than creating long-term contamination in landfill sites.

SortérTM  Oil

This is a unique solution for intermedium storage and handling of various oils from household cooking. The waste management bin with spill proof lid is integrated in the Sorter ™ Concept.

SortérTM  Hotel

Green Ideas Group will finished the design of a new product to sort waste in hotel rooms – optimal functionality, ergonomic design. Sortér™ It utilizes the wall’s surface to increase the space in the room.


Green Ideas’ senior management and board members has broad experince in entrepreneurship, sales, international business, investments as well as stock market board experience.

Green Ideas AS

Geir Langeland, CEO
Lars Thoresen, Project Manager

Green Ideas Estonia OÜ

Geir Langeland – Managing director

Green Ideas Group AB

Geir Langeland, CEO
Carl Bourghardt, Project Sales
Per-Olov Lindgren, Advisor

Board of directors

Henrik Sundewall, chairman of the board
Geir Langeland, board member
Håkan Tollefsen, board member
Tommy Näslund, board member