Author: Geir Langeland

Abelco Investment Group AB (publ) invests in Norwegian Green Ideas AS prior to public listing

Green Ideas AS, (”Green Ideas”) develop, market and sell technology-solutions and services within the market of environmental ecosystems. The company is now facing geographic expansion and is planning public listing in Sweden. The parties have entered into an investment agreement, which means that Abelco receives approximately 24% of capital and votes in Green Ideas’ newly formed Swedish holding company.

  • Green Ideas specializes in technology and service delivery in environmental ecosystems.
  • Green Ideas has developed solutions for both the private and corporate markets as well as for public environments.
  • Through a wholly-owned subsidiary in Turkey, Green Ideas has been awarded assignments in the form of pilot projects at municipal level.
  • Green Ideas intends to become publicly traded at a Swedish stock market place within 12 months.
  • The investment agreement gives Abelco the right to subscribe to approximately 24% of votes and capital in Green Ideas.
  • The investment of approximately SEK 2.1 million is partly paid in cash and partly through newly issued shares in Abelco.

Green Ideas AS ( is active in the environmental area in general with specific products and services within the so-called waste management segment. Through a wholly-owned subsidiary in Turkey, the company has received pilot projects from the Turkish municipal sector, which is expected to be launched with full force in 2018. Further geographic expansion within the EU is soon to be pursued, and the company intends to apply for a public listing of its shares within 12 months at an appropriate stock market place in Sweden.

In line with such stock market plans, Green Ideas launches a new holding company in Sweden, in which all shareholders are gathered.

”We are in an exciting phase in Green Ideas development, and are fully focused on ensuring both pilot projects in Turkey as well as our existing expansion plan. Through Abelco we get a strategically important partner and together we get a great potential in implementing our listing process in the best possible way.” says Mr. Geir Langeland, CEO Green Ideas AS.

Abelco’s investment in Green Ideas

Abelco will invest approximately SEK 500,000 in cash in Green Ideas’ new holding company in Sweden, as well as a further SEK 1.6 million via a directed share issue of new shares in Abelco, as payment for a certain amount of existing shares in Green Ideas. In total, the investment amounts to approximately SEK 2.1 million, corresponding to approximately 24% of capital and votes, which is thus partly paid in cash and partly paid through a directed share issue of new shares in Abelco.

Pricing for the new shares in Abelco will correspond to a price of 25% higher than the volume weighted average price (VWAP) during the ten (10) trading days prior to the date of this press release. The VWAP during the period 28 March to 12 April, increased by 25%, corresponds to an issue share price of SEK 0.15 per share.

”We have had our scope directed on Green Ideas for some time now, and we are impressed by the company’s ability to take a position in a future industry, with its own products and solutions in addition to working with other major players in the industry. The market for so-called waste management is expected to continue to grow strongly and Green Ideas offers solutions for a global market. We are pleased that Green Ideas has decided to use Abelco as support for their listing process in Sweden.” says Mr. Henrik Sundewall, CEO Abelco Investment Group AB (publ).

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Henrik Sundewall, CEO Abelco Investment Group AB (publ)

Phone: +46 (0)76 877 00 00

Mr. Geir Langeland, CEO Green Ideas AS
Phone: +47 934 80 044

About Abelco Investment Group AB (publ)

Abelco Investment Group AB (publ) invests in company’s according to a predestined profile. Operational business development focus combined with clear value creation creates a predictable exit horizon. Through this, Abelco create investment conditions with increased potential return on investment, while managing the risk level.

This information is of such character that Abelco Investment Group AB (publ) is required to publicly publish the information according to EU’s market regulations. The information was provided by the above-mentioned officer of Abelco Investment Group AB (publ) on April 13, 2018.

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Green Ideas AS and Recollect AB in Sweden join forces to sell unique binsystems to households in Sweden.

Green Ideas AS and Recollect AB have made an agreement on sales and distribution of Green Ideas unique Sortér™ superflexible binsystem for households, and the product Batrecycle™ (Developed by Supac Ltd) on the Swedish market with start during January 2018. Other products which Green Ideas is designing and to be launched end 2018 and during 2019 are also included in this agreement.

Recollect AB will sell Green Ideas products to its old – and new customers. Sortér™ makes it possible to have 3 bins for recyclable material of totally 35 liters under the counter cabinet. An additional fraction can store used batteries in Batrecycle™, collect them and deliver for recycling.

Recollect AB offers their customers a service to collect and recycle 6 fractions of recyclable material in a large container and collects the recyclable material on a regular basis and sells other services directly to the end user.

Recollect AB sells a concept which is a service to collect the recyclable material at the door steps of individuals which have started to sort their recyclable material at their home.

Green Ideas AS is a Norwegian company specialised in developing, selling and marketing technical solutions for the environment regarding waste-management and Wastend ™ services from sorting the waste at source to new ecofriendly energy through pyrolysis technology. The company will be registered at the NGM StockExchange during Q4 2018.

Green Ideas AS products for sorting recyclable waste complements Recollects services and products. Green Ideas AS and Recollect AS estimates sales in 2018 of min. 3000 Sortér and 3000 Batrecycle ™in Gothenburg and Stockholm combined.

Emil Jerndal at Recollect AB announces that – “we see great opportunities for sales of Sortér™ and Batrecycle™ directly to households and it strengthens the product and service offer that Recollect will sell to their customers.”-

Carl Bourghardt at Green Ideas AS, points out – “I am looking forward to cooperate with Recollect AB within this first distribution agreement in Sweden for Green Ideas product range with sales directly to end users. Recollects sales-strategy is important because it completes Green Ideas own strategy covering own sales to retailers and the B2B market in Sweden.

For More information:

Green Ideas AS, : Carl Bourghardt, Sales Manager Sweden, Tel: 0046 708692212. Geir Langeland, CEO, 0047 93480044.

Recollect AB, : Emil Jerndal CEO. Tel: 0046709927030.

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